I'm Miki

Young Professional in Humanitarian Action

Magna Cum Laude Master of Law



My Story

With meaningful work experience in human rights and the humanitarian sector, I strive towards self-empowerment, alleviating human suffering and implementing equal rights across the globe. Building on my legal academic background, I have professionalized my understanding of human rights advocacy and humanitarian diplomacy. While always reflecting critically, I am deeply committed to the causes I’m working on and never cease to learn. It is with positive energy, creativity and motivation that I approach my assignments.

What keeps me Busy

Red Cross Red Crescent International Conference

Working in the Movement Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross, our actions aim at strengthening cooperation within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and with states to better coordinate and harness the full potential of our humanitarian network for the most vulnerable. Being part of the Organizing Committee of the 2019 Council of Delegates and 33rd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent has exposed me to a unique cross-cutting environment where humanitarian diplomacy and advocacy takes place on a daily basis. The International Conference is the supreme deliberative body of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, where the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions come together with the components of the Movement to discuss key matters of humanitarian concern and to make joint commitments. Is is a unique non-political forum, which takes place every four years and in which all Movement components have the same voice as States. The International Conference contributes to respect for and development of IHL, improves safety, security and dignity of individuals by strengthening legal frameworks and policies, shapes the global humanitarian agenda by exploring emerging threats, themes and topics, and fosters relationships, alliances and synergies. The RCRC Conference website as of the moment I worked on it is archived here.

Policy and Advocacy

As project officer at the Asia Society I navigated complex policy issues and was dedicated to not only explore Asia's role in a multilateral world but also advance the dialogue and strengthen the partnerships among individuals and institutions in Switzerland and Asia. I organized events, workshops and exchanges across the fields of arts, culture, education, policy and politics to provide insights, promote collaboration and contribute to a deeper understanding of the most dynamic and fastest-growing region in the world.

Editorial Work

Assistance in editing a text book on international criminal law.

RCRC Conference
Asia Society
Editing text book